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WordPress Development

  • Wordpress Custom Themes
    ( from $3,500)
  • E-Commerce
    ( from $6,000)
  • Plugin Development
    ( from $2,500)
  • Hosting & Maintenance
    (Contract from 3 months)

WebApps Development

  • API Development
    (Contact Us for quick consultation)
  • Enterprise Web Applications (Contact Us for quick consultation)
  • Custom Software Solutions (Contact Us for quick consultation)
  • Hosting & Support
    (Contract from 12 months)

Digital Services

  • HTML Email Development
    ( from $1,500)
  • Analytics and Reporting
    (Contract from 3 months)
  • Newsletter Email Campaigns
    ( from $1,000)
  • Landing Pages
    ( from $900)
If you are wondering

Frequently Asked Questions

I am starting a small business and I just need a simple website, what is the rate?

Most small website are usually built to have basic online presence. We can build a 3-5 page site to get your business up and running within a week for as low as $799. Go to our contact page to speak with one of our associates.

I am not sure what I want on the website What information will you need?

We come up with ideas and advise depending on your situation or business plan. Our goal is to help you increase sales not just have a website. Tell us your what your business is and we will come up with ideas.

How do I get continued support if I need one after my website is completed?

Our services usually include support for a certain period of time. For long term, premier and advance support, we have affordable packages that we offer our customers.

How do I get my website to rank on google and other search engines?

We offer search engine optimization services to help your website rank on search engines. We offer one time basic solutions and campaigns to help you reach your goals.

I am building a medium e-commerce website, what is the best platform to build this on?

This depends on your business needs and budget. we will discuss options with you before we start the project. We will make sure whatever platform we decide to use will be scalable so you wont have to worry about your website crashing when your sales increase.

How do I grow my website to have many visitors?

We offer consultations in copywriting and target ad campaigns to help you grow your business at affordable rates.

What is the cost of setting up a network infrastructure for my business?

The price usually depends on the number of nodes(machines) on the network, your time frame and budget. our prices are affordable and we offer free 90 days support.

How much will it cost to maintain my website over time?

Depends on the size of the website. Basic sites may cost around $35 a month and big websites that requires database can go all the way up to $300 a month depending on traffic and complexity. This cost is not specific but we will give you a good estimate based on your website.

How long will it take to complete my website?

Depending on the scale of the websites. Our small websites takes around a week after all revisions and big websites can take over a month depending on the features.

How do i get immediate support if I need it?

We have a 247 support team that are ready to help anytime you need it. You can always create a case on our ticket page and our support engineers will be happy to help.